we proudly present the winners of morph2006 / die gewinner sind...
best character: "le crabbe jongleur" best film: "amylase"
die software für eure
stop-motion träume
the team fernandez / lehnert landed best character with
"le crabbe jongleur", the team thomas / engel made a last minute
run with "amylase" for best film. congratulations!
  the crab made the decision easy. it's a creative character with a high value of recognition.
her protruding eyes work for a nice spectrum of emotions and reactions with a minimal effort of animation.
the juggling scene fully establishes the character. it stays a ‚primitive' being, but becomes humanized. the two filmmakers achieved to animate a minimalistic puppet very lively. the style of animation suits the character and its world.
it's stunning to see the diversity of moods without the loss of expression. the interesting choices of animation achieve identification with a character that is ‚just' a puppet.


the jury

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